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General terms and conditions
Enjoy Life Tattoo

Owner: Robin Spitschan, Harmshof 3, 29646 Bispingen, Germany

§ 1 Scope

All contracts and business relations between the studio “Enjoy Life Tattoo” (hereafter called “studio”) or the tattoo artist of the studio (hereafter called ”tattoo artist”) and the customer are based on the following terms and conditions. In the event that guest tattoo artists are working in the studio, they have given their consent that the terms and conditions of the studio also apply to their work during their entire stay in the studio. If there are different agreements with a guest tattoo artist, he will inform the customer about it before concluding a business transaction.

§ 2 Appointment and deposit

  1. When making an appointment no deposit is matured.
  2. Rescheduling of the appointment due to the customer are possible until 2 working days before the planned appointment by telephone or e-mail. At this case the customer has the right to make an alternate appointment but without preferential treatment with the new appointment.
  3. In case of non-appearance on the agreed-date without having cancelled on time (please refer to § 2 no. 2), according to § 642 of the German Civil Code (BGB), the studio has the right to invoice the full price of the planned session. In such a case, the studio or the tattoo artist also have the right to cancel all further appointments of the customer, according to § 643 BGB.
  4. The studio or the tattoo artist have the right to cancel appointments at short notice without giving reasons. Compensations of any kind are excluded.
  5. If the customer should be late on the agreed appointment, she/he is responsible to inform the studio immediately. Otherwise, the studio has the right not to hold or shorten the appointment.
  6. The studio or the tattoo artist have the right to reject customers or appointments without giving reasons.
  7. Appointments which have to be rescheduled because of official regulations (e.g., due to a pandemic) don’t have any rights of a preferential treatment with making an alternate appointment.
  8. In case of a relocation of the studio, all appointments will be shifted to the new location. The deadline for rescheduling the appointment by the customer (please refer to §2 no. 2) remains unaffected.

§ 3 Prices

  1. The studio exclusively offers session prices. The amount of a session price is determined individually according to the effort and level of detail to the desired tattoo.
  2. The maximum session length is two hours for a small session and five hours for a large session (including the briefing, template creation, applying the template, the time of tattooing and the debriefing).
  3. Should the tattoo be completed before the maximum session time (please refer to § 3 no. 2) has expired, the service is deemed to be fulfilled.
  4. If the tattoo cannot be completed in one session, another charged session will be arranged for completion. The tattoo artist decides what kind of session (please refer to § 3 no. 2) this will be.
  5. In this case the customer has the claim on arranging another appointment (which also has to be paid) for completion of the desired tattoo, but without preferential treatment with the new appointment.
  6. Should the customer interrupt the session early, the full agreed session price will be charged.
  7. The agreed session price is to be paid in cash immediately after each session.
  8. Price agreements are binding between the customer and the tattoo artist.
  9. The studio reserves the right to adjust the prices without giving reasons. Existing price agreements (please refer to § 3 no. 8) are excluded from this.

§ 4 Customer rights and obligations

  1. The customer appears to the appointment in a condition, that makes the work for the tattoo artist justifiable. In particular, this includes:
    1. No use of alcohol or narcotics at least 24 hours before the appointment.
    2. No use of anticoagulant or other drugs that make the work difficult.
    3. No application of surface anesthetics.
    4. The customer does not suffer from illnesses which exclude or significantly complicate the work (esp. infectious diseases).
    5. The customer does not have any allergies to the ingredients of tattoo inks or any other equipment necessary for tattooing, such as latex or nitrile (medical gloves).
    6. The customer appears in a hygienic condition that is reasonable for the tattoo artist.
    7. The customer has to hold on to the hygiene regulations during the entire stay in the studio (e.g., regular hand washing).
    8. The customer is older than 18 years.
    9. The customer is not pregnant or is not breastfeeding her child at the time of the appointment.
  2. If a customer does not fulfill his obligations (see above) before or during an appointment, this is considered as an appointment cancellation by the customer due to circumstances for which he is responsible (please refer to § 2 no. 3).
  3. At the beginning of the tattoo, a stencil is usually applied to the skin by the tattoo artist. The customer takes a close look at both, the positioning and the content of the template and checks it for any errors (esp. letters and numbers). Before the tattoo begins the customer informs the tattoo artist about any change requests or errors. With the start of work, the customer consents to the positioning and content of the work.
  4. The customer has to follow the instructions of the tattoo artist before and during the procedure. Only then the tattoo artist can ensure that the procedure occurs safely.
  5. The customer is obligated to inform the tattoo artist about possible allergies, taking medication, infections or other diseases before an appointment (e.g., HIV, hepatitis, epilepsy, diabetes etc.).
  6. By agreeing to these general terms and conditions, the customer declares his consent to the tattoo, even though it constitutes bodily harm according to § 223 para. 1 of the Criminal Code (StGB). The customer relieves the studio or the tattoo artist of any liability.
  7. The tattoo artist grants the customer an unrestricted, unlimited and irrevocable right of use for the work carried out.
  8. However, the customer has no right to be granted the finished design.
  9. In the case of templates that are tattooed at the customer's request, the customer releases the tattoo artist from all legal claims by third parties.

§ 5 Rights and obligations of the studio and tattoo artist

  1. Before the appointment, the customer will be informed about the procedure and its associated risks.
  2. The studio or the tattoo artist can reject carrying out a work. In particular this occurs under the following circumstances:
    1. The tattoo motive is the work of another tattoo artist, which is to be copied or it is a style that does not correspond to the tattoo artist.
    2. Due to their size, the template or motive does not allow a permanently good job (blurring of contours, run in to empty spaces).
    3. The content of the work is in considerable contradiction to the inner conviction of the studio owner or the tattoo artist.
  3. The copyrights and exploitation rights of a tattoo design always remain at the tattoo artist.
  4. According to § 642 of the German Civil Code (BGB), we would like to point out that the studio or the tattoo artist have the right, to demand reasonable compensation (please refer to § 3), if the customer does not appear to the agreed appointment without punctual cancellation (please refer to § 2 no. 2). The studio or the tattoo artist also have the right to cancel all further appointments of the customer, according to § 643 of the German Civil Code (BGB).
  5. If the customer consents in the photograph of the finished work by the tattoo artist or the studio, both the tattoo artist and the studio have the unrestricted right to use, duplicate and publish it free of charge. If the customer does not wish to be named personally (e.g., on social media platforms), he has to inform the tattoo artist or the studio when the photo is taken.

§ 6 Touch up

  1. Basically, the customer has the right to request an appointment for a tattoo touch up free of charge up to 6 months after completion of a tattoo (at the end of the last appointment – in case of several sessions), if the tattoo has lost color during the healing process.
  2. If the cause of the color gradient is because of improper care of the tattoo or if the customer fails to meet the deadline for a free tattoo touch up (please refer to § 6 no. 1), any tattoo touchup appointments will be liable to costs.
  3. There is no right to preferential treatment when making appointments for a tattoo touch up.
  4. If the customer does not show up or cancels the appointment too late (please refer to § 2 no. 2), the claim to a further, free-of-charge appointment for a touch up expires.

§ 7 Voucher

  1. Every customer can buy gift vouchers for a minimum amount of 50 euros.
  2. The vouchers are available in the studio or (in consultation with the studio) by post road.
  3. Vouchers are transferable, as long as they are not linked to individual persons because of a competition or a special promotion.
  4. Vouchers are valid up to two years from the date of issue.
  5. Vouchers will not be paid out, not even in partial amounts.

§ 8 Exclusion of liability

  1. We cannot assume any liability for complications in wound healing and any consequences that may result from them (wound infection, scarring, damage of the tattoo etc.). The customer is requested to follow the care recommendation of the tattoo artist and to contact us immediately in the event of an unexpected healing process or – in the event of significant problems – to consult a dermatologist.
  2. We would like to point out that, even with the greatest care, clothing and footwear can be soiled or damaged by paint, disinfectants or other materials. Therefore, to avoid damages, we strongly recommend to wear old and / or dark clothes and shoes to the appointment. Neither the studio nor the tattoo artist is liable for soiled or damaged clothing and footwear by paint, disinfectants or other materials.
  3. The customer releases the studio or the tattoo artist from any responsibility and relieves the studio or the tattoo artist of all legal claims in connection with the stay in the studio and the tattoo. Liability and claims for damages, including complications and consequential damages of any kind, are excluded in any form.

§ 9 Other

  1. In addition, the regulations of the German Civil Code apply in the currently valid version as long as they do not conflict with these terms and conditions.
  2. Court of jurisdiction is Bispingen.
  3. If a provision from these terms and conditions or from the contract between the studio or tattoo artist and the customer is or becomes ineffective, these terms and conditions and the rest of the contract remain unaffected. The ineffective provision is to be replaced by an effective provision that comes as close as possible to its economic meaning.